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Garden of Remembrance

Magdalen Cemetery, Gorleston-on-Sea, located at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Crematorium

The Garden of remembrance is a peaceful, tranquil place, where you can take time to gather your thoughts and reflect. During summer months there is delightful aroma from the roses in bloom. Landscaping, flowers, plants and trees are maintained year-round by our dedicated gardeners.

You are welcome to place floral tributes in the flower beads. They will, however, be removed regularly by the gardeners to preserve the soil and the beauty of the grounds.

Rose Trees and Shrub Dedications

A beautiful range of established shrubs and rose trees in the garden can be dedicated to the memory of your loved one. Dedications are initially for a ten-year period. You may renew the dedication for a further ten years, and the renewals are ongoing.

Sandstone Tower

Located in the serenity of the garden, this hexagonal tower can house a black granite plaque with a gold inscription dedication of up to six lines.

Above Ground Vaults

  • The Panorama - A central Panorama, a raised circular memorial with thirty-two vaults. Each vault can accommodate three caskets of ashes.

  • Sanctum - The option of the curved granite Sanctum above ground vault, which can accommodate two caskets and a silver or gold topped vase for floral tributes. Placed in a circular design around the Panorama, a wide range of designs and inscriptions for the granite plaque are available.

  • Buxton Benches - This area also incorporates granite Buxton benches, each with two spaces for memorial plaques where an inscription can be displayed.

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