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It is tradition for those remembering loved ones to pay respect with a tribute. They are a way of acknowledging the loss, saying goodbye and the start of the healing process.

Floral Tributes

It is traditional in some faiths to lay flowers, although sometimes this is limited to family flowers only. You may wish for family and friends to make a donation to a charity or organisation that is meaningful instead.

If accepting floral tributes these will be displayed within the cloister area, for all attendees to view.

Visual Tributes

There are many options available now for visual tributes, including displaying a montage of photographs or a DVD on a large screen. This provides friends and family a poignant way to celebrate life history and share fond memories or to pre-record an eulogy, allowing sentiments to be shared without the emotion of the day impacting on the words and thoughts.

Web casting is also available - ensuring that friends and family far away or those unable to travel are able to feel part of the service by watching it live via a website link or at a later date via an online recording. Please speak directly with your funeral director to arrange.

Family and friends may want to do a reading as a tribute. You can view our Funeral Service book for an introduction to the words that are said and for a list of popular hymns.

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