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  • all coffees are triple certified, Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance.
The following coffee options are available
Flat White£2.30
Café Latte/Skinny Latte£2.60
Caramel/Hazelnut/Vanilla Latte£3.10
Wocha (made with white hot chocolate)£3.20
  • all coffees are available using freshly ground decaffeinated beans
  • dairy-free milk available, add 20p
  • go large on all coffees, add 50p


The following tea options are available
Pot of loose-leaf tea for one£1.80
Pot of loose-leaf tea for two£3.00
Pot of Earl Grey loose-leaf tea for one£2.00
Pot of Earl Grey loose-leaf tea for two£3.20
Pot of decaffeinated loose-leaf tea for one£2.00
Pot of decaffeinated loose-leaf tea for two£3.20
Cup of Green or Red Berry tea£1.60

Hot Chocolate

The following hot chocolate options are available
Italian hot chocolate£3.00
Italian white hot chocolate£3.00
Orange/Caramel/Mint hot chocolate (a tasty twist on our luxurious hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and finished off with chocolate shavings)£3.60
Garden Rooms hot chocolate indulgence (a mix of luxurious dark and white hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings)£3.80

Cold Drinks

The following cold drinks are available
Organic presses: elderflower or traditional lemonade£2.40
100% natural juices: orange, apple, pear or mango£2.40
Cans: Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Sprite, Fanta£1.10
Bottled mineral water: still or sparkling£1.60
Robinsons Fruit Shoots: apple & blackcurrant or orange£0.90


  • our delicious thick shakes when served straight up are 95% fat free
The following milkshakes are available
Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry
(or dress them up and really indulge!)
Thick chocolate shake, served with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, marshmallows and finished off with chocolate shavings£3.00
Thick strawberry shake, served with strawberry sauce, whipped cream and finished off with sprinkles£3.20


Cream Tea

Our cream tea option consists of the following
A delicious home-made fruit scone, served with a generous portion of strawberry jam, traditional clotted cream and a pot of loose-leaf tea for one or a cup of freshly ground coffee£4.20

Lite bites

The following lighter options are available
Toasted and buttered tea cake£1.80
Two slices of hot, buttered toast£1.20
Two slices of Hot, buttered toast with strawberry jam or marmalade£1.70
Toasted and buttered bagel£1.60
Toasted bagel with cream cheese£2.00
Two slices of cheese on toast£3.30
Two Slices of cheese on toast with tomato or onion£3.70
Baked beans on toast£3.30
Baked beans on toast with cheese or bacon£3.80
Home-made cheese scones£1.70
Home-made sausage rolls£2.40

Sandwiches and baguettes

Sandwiches and baguettes are available with the following fillings
Cheese and ham£3.30£3.70
Cheese and bacon£3.30£3.70
Bacon and brie£3.30£3.70
Bacon, lettuce and tomato£3.30£3.70
Tuna mayo, with cucumber or sweetcorn£3.30£3.70
Tuna mayo, with onion or red pepper£3.30£3.70
Egg mayo£3.30£3.70
Egg mayo and bacon£3.30£3.70
Cheese and caramelised red onion£3.30£3.70
Cheese and tomato or onion£3.30£3.70
Chicken, sweet chilli and lettuce£3.30£3.70
Chicken mayo, with sweetcorn or cucumber£3.30£3.70
Chicken and bacon£3.30£3.70
Chicken and home-made coleslaw£3.30£3.70


The following soup options are available
Soup of the Day, served with a wedge of bread£4.00

Toasties and paninis

Toasties and paninis are available with the following fillings
Tuna and mayo melt£3.90£4.50
Tuna, mayo and onion melt£3.90£4.50
Cheese and ham£3.90£4.50
Cheese and bacon£3.90£4.50
Bacon and brie£3.90£4.50
Brie and cranberry£3.90£4.50
Cheese and caramelised red onion£3.90£4.50
Cheese, with tomato or onion£3.90£4.50
Barbecue chicken and cheese melt£3.90£4.50
Chicken, pesto and red pepper melt£3.90£4.50

Toasties are available as a Gluten Free Option


The following wrap fillings are available
Tuna mayo and cucumber£4.00
Chicken, bacon and mayo£4.00
Chicken, sweet chilli and lettuce£4.00
Houmous and salad£4.00
Bacon, mayo and cheese£4.00
Cheese, ham, mayo and tomato£4.00
Cheese, ham, mayo and tomato£4.00

Filled bagels

The following bagel fillings are available
Chicken and home-made coleslaw£4.00
Melted cheese and caramelised onion£4.00
Bacon and brie£4.00

Lunch bags

The following lunch bags are available
  • white or wholemeal sandwich from the menu range
  • packet of premium crisps
  • can of drink
  • home-made sausage roll or slice of cake
£5.00 per person

Other options

  • A daily selection of home-made cakes, scones, cookies and shortbread available at the counter.

  • Hospitality packages available in our Hospitality Room

  • Room hire also available from £15.00.

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