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Today, funeral services are varied in the way that they are planned and delivered. It is an opportunity to remember a loved one and for friends and family to come together during a time of loss. It is also becoming more common to see a funeral used as a celebration of a life, and to allow for a moment to recognise all the achievements made and the positive impact a person has had during their time with us.

The information here will give you some suggestions to consider.

  • Step 1 - decide on either a cremation or burial taking into account the persons' final wishes or the instructions in the Will if one was made
  • Step 2 - plan your service

Each service at Great Yarmouth Crematorium is a maximum of 45 minutes long, including time spent after the service in the pretty undercover flower cloister and koi pool. You may choose to have the full memorial service at the crematorium, or to use a local venue for the service and proceed here for a shorter committal.

If a cremation is chosen, the ashes are available for collection in a bio-degradable box a few days after the service.

Whichever option you chose, you will be treated with dignity and compassion at all times by our team.

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