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Cemetery guidelines

Part 1 - General

  1. General Interpretation

    1. 1. In these regulations:
      • Burial Authority -  the Great Yarmouth Borough Council
      • Cemetery - all of the cemeteries listed in paragraph 2 unless otherwise stated
      • Bereavement Services Office - the administration department of the Burial Authority that is responsible for day-to-day management of the Cemeteries
      • Approved Contractors -  those contractors who are employed by the Burial Authority or any other third party who satisfy the criteria as set by the Burial Authority (available for inspection by contacting the Bereavement Services Office) from time to time
      • Exclusive Right of Burial - a right that may be purchased from the Burial Authority which grants the purchaser, and his or her successors, the exclusive right of burial in a designated burial plot for a period of 50 years
      • Grant Holder - the owner(s) of an Exclusive Right of Burial
      • Interment - includes:
        • the interment of cremated human remains
        • the interment of the bodies of still-born children or of the cremated remains thereof
        • the placing in a vault of human remains, cremated human remains, or the bodies of stillborn children or the cremated remains thereof
      • Opening Hours - the times during which the Cemeteries are open to the public as specified in paragraph 4
      • Table of Fees and Charges:- the table maintained by the Burial Authority (available for inspection by contacting the Bereavement Services Office) setting out the matters in respect of which fees or other charges are payable to the Burial Authority and the amount of each such fee or charge
  2. Cemeteries

    1. 2. This guidance shall apply to all of the following Cemeteries unless otherwise stated:
      • Magdalen Lawn Cemetery, Oriel Avenue, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth
      • Gorleston Old Cemetery, Magdalen Way, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth
      • Caister Borough Cemetery, Ormesby Road, Caister-on-sea, Great Yarmouth
      • Yarmouth New Cemetery, Kitchener Road, Great Yarmouth
      • Yarmouth Old Cemetery, Kitchener Road, Great Yarmouth
      • Roman Catholic Cemetery, Caister Road, Great Yarmouth
      • Decenters Cemetery, Temple Road, Great Yarmouth
      • Jewish Cemetery, Temple Road, Great Yarmouth
  3. Administration

    1. 3.1. All enquiries regarding the Cemeteries should be directed to the Bereavement Services Office or to the Bereavement Services Manager of the Burial Authority
    2. 3.2. The Cemeteries Office is open from:
      • 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of Bank Holidays and other Public Holidays
      • a telephone answering service is available when the Bereavement Services Office is closed
  4. Opening Hours

    1. 4.1. The Cemeteries are open to the public from 7.30am to 7.00pm British Summer Time and 7.30am to 4.30pm in the Winter unless otherwise indicated by notices placed in the Cemeteries.
    2. 4.2. Specified areas in the Cemeteries may be temporarily closed to visitors by placing notices warning of the intention at the entrance of the Cemetery and adjacent to the relevant areas.

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